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Submersible Pumps
Stainless steel made Submersible Pumps are used for supplying water from well or reservoir for gardening, irrigation, domestic use and industrial usage purpose. These energy efficient pumps use low noise motor, high strength impeller, thermal protector and durable shaft rotor.
Monoblock Pumps
Developed from high strength cast iron or aluminum, these Monoblock Pumps are useful for supplying of raw water in sewage treatment plants. These electrical pumps have brass impeller, burst proof energy efficient motor and sealed ball bearings. Low operating cost and low noise generation are their key features.
Plant Care Equipment
This painstakingly designed range of Plant Care Equipment is used for protecting commercial and food crops against weeds and pests. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, this equipment is preferred for its simple carrying process, easy to adjust shoulder strap and ergonomic look.
Submersible Winding Wire
Copper alloy made Submersible Winding Wire is reckoned for its exceptional mechanical properties, rust proof surface and low electric resistance attributes. It is used as an essential part of the cables used in submersible pump, electrical apparatus and thermal circuit breaker.
UPVC Column Pipe
Developed from PVC plastic, this UPVC Column Pipe is used for installation of electrical wires. Good insulation capacity, impact proof design, rust resistance capacity, uniform surface quality, ease of installation, fire retardant nature and competitive price are its main features.
Submersible Motors
Three phase Submersible Motors are equipped with advanced rotor and stator. Made of thick stainless steel tube, these motors have water protected cables, advanced bearing and copper wire. Driven by electricity, these agricultural pumps are suitable for low pressure works.
Electric Water Pump
Electric water pumps are employed for a number of purposes, such as pumping water from a well, increasing water pressure in a home or business, or circulating water in a pool or fountain. These are a machine that transports water from one location to another using electrical energy.
Self Priming Pump
Self-priming pumps are employed in settings including wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing facilities, and irrigation systems where the fluid being circulated may contain a sizable proportion of air or gas. They can start and run without the need for manual priming.
Spare Parts
Spare parts are used in several industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment industries. These are components and accessories that are utilised to fix or maintain stainless steel pumps. 
Monoset Pump
Monoset pumps are demanded in residential, agricultural, and industrial settings where a dependable and effective source of water is necessary. These are a particular kind of water pump made for usage in deep wells.
Submersible Pump Spare Parts
Submersible pump spare parts is often composed of materials like cast iron, stainless steel, or bronze. It is an element used in submersible pumps that transforms rotational energy into hydrodynamic energy in order to move fluid. The fluid is directed to the pump's exit via a revolving part with curved vanes or blades
Abb Electric Motors
Abb Electric Motors is most commonly used for small power tools, home appliances, and other devices that only have access to single-phase power. Shaded-pole motors and split-phase motors are two additional categories for abb electric motor. 
solar pumps
Solar pumps are made up of a motor, a solar panel, and a pump. These are solar-powered water pumps that are built to function in the presence of water. They are employed for tasks including irrigation, cattle watering, pond aeration, and water supply in outlying areas without access to grid electricity.
Open Well Pumps
Open wall pumps are employed in a variety of situations, including irrigation, home water delivery, and industrial water supply. These are ideal for open wells, ponds and sump pits. Open wall pumps are employed in a variety of situations, including irrigation, home water delivery, and industrial water supply.
Well Pump
Well pump is installed below the water line and commonly used for deep wells. It is an apparatus used to draw water from a well or other underground source. Well pump pushes the water that is in a storage tank. 
Electric Motor
Electric Motor is utilised in a variety of applications from conveyor systems and machine tools to pumps and fans. It is a form of AC motor. Due to its efficiency and dependability, this type of motor is frequently utilised in industrial and commercial applications.

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