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Company's Vision

As a symbol of quality, we offer export quality Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps, Agricultural Manual Sprayers, Winding Wire, Column Pipes etc ....

Company's Hierarchy

Mascot Pump Ltd epitomizes the concept of standard quality. As a growth oriented and customer centric organization, Mascot puts stress on maintaining consistent quality of its cost effective products. The water pump production department of this organization constitutes of five different units and every production unit is engaged in producing particular type pumping system.

Unit 1 : CI Submersible Pumps & Borehole Submersible Motor Unit

As the head office of Mascot, this production unit is the place where motors, Cast Iron Pumps and Noryl Pumps are manufactured. The details are mentioned below:
1. Fountain Pumps or Open Well pumps
2. V6 Submersible Pumps/ CI Borehole pump or 6 to 10 Cast Iron Submersible pumps
3. 3 to 10 Borehole Submersible Motor

Unit 2 : Stainless Steel Borehole Pump factory.

Equipped with advanced production arrangement, this production unit is involved in producing 304 grade and 316 grade stainless steel Bore Hole Pumps.

Mascot produced stainless steel pump for the first time when it was set up in 2001. Since them, this organization has gone through tremendous changes and has experienced fast growth. Furnished with advanced production facilities, this production unit is engaged in designing and producing Stainless Steel Bore Well Pumps. Full detail of its production is mentioned here:

1. SS Fabricated Bore well pumps with 17 m3/hr to 125 m3/hr working capacity/6 to 10 Stainless Steel Borehole pumps
2. 4 Stainless Steel Borehole pump
3. 6 SS Fabricated Bore well Pump that also includes High Head Radial flow Pump

Unit 3 : Noryl Submersible pump / Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Factory.

This specific factory of Mascot is dedicated to producing best grade domestic pumps that cover Centrifugal Monoblock pumps and Noryl Submersible pumps.

Importance is given on maintaining consistent quality and flawlessness of produced pumps by using state of the art manufacturing facilities of this production unit. Detail of product line includes:

1. Self priming Domestic Pump
2. V3& V4 Submersible Pump/ Noryl Submersible Pump
3. Induction Motors
4. Close Coupled Pump/ Single Phase Monoblock Pump
5. Submersible Oil filled Motor/ 3 & 4 Submersible Water filled Motor

Unit 4: Agricultural Plant Protection Equipment

Mascot has introduced MARSHAL Brand Agriculture Plant Protection equipment like Backpack Sprayer / Knapsack Sprayer, Bag pack Rotary Dusters, Fertilizer Broadcaster, Backpack Fertilizer Spreaders in India and for Export market.
To keep up-to-date with technology Mascot pumps Ltd, have made separate unit which produce Plant Protection Equipment like below:

The MARSHAL Brand Agriculture Plant Protection of Mascot covers systems like Bag pack Rotary Dusters, Knapsack Sprayer/ Backpack Sprayer, Backpack Fertilizer Spreaders  and Fertilizer Broadcaster for Indian and also for overseas markets.
The produced plant protection machines have been designed as per latest technological trends followed in current market scenario. Necessary details of production are as follows:

1. Fertilizer Broadcaster
2. Back Pack Fertilizer sprayer
3. Gatore Pump
4. Rotary Duster
5. Pesticide Foot Pump/ Foot sprayer Pump/ Foot Pump
6. Solar Knapsack Sprayer/ Solar Backpack Sprayer
7. Knapsack Sprayer/ Backpack Sprayer
8. Knapsack Battery Sprayer/ Backpack Battery Sprayer
9. Knapsack Power Sprayer With Engine /  Backpack Power Sprayer

Unit 5 : Submersible Cable & Winding wire for Submersible Motors

Mascot is listed among the leading manufacturers of PP winding Wire and PVC Winding Wire. Unlike other organizations, it took pioneering for producing winding wire used for submersible pumps. On time delivery of ordered products, maintaining steady quality of its products and affordable price range are some of the important factors that have enabled Mascot to create a separate identity in the market.
The winding wire manufactured and exported by this company is meant for all sorts of Rewindable Submersible Motors irrespective of their brand.

"We serve in India, and mainly export our products to Africa, East Asia & U.A.E. Our preference is of bulk, export inquiries." 

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